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Hi, berrysoup here.

I created this because I have tons and tons of a7x pictures and videos but I don't have alot of Atreyu or Bleeding Though pictures or videos, you know, those tons and tons of a7x media. I have yet to see an updated Atreyu, Bleeding Through, Burn Halo, you name it community.

So here is where you get to post the pictures that others don't have or if you feel the need to share something. Mostly bands of Atreyu, Bleeding Through, Burn Halo, Papa Roach and even Eighteen Visions(RIP). You can also post recent concert pics and videos. Also your recent A7x shows would be grand ;) Stuff that is recent and things you might have missed, new videos, pictures, and maybe myspace updates, which I'll try my best to tackle ;)


1.No roleplay ads
2.Don't get catty with anybody.
3.Fullsizing is allowed, just don't scrap over them.
4.No girlfriend fullsizing unless the band member(s) is also in the pictures.
5.Everyone should contribute, you don't have to though, but you should ;)

Have fun and help out as much as you can!

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